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Even with great homeowners insurance, many Americans face financial difficultly after tornadoes because of unforeseen expenses. Most times insurance companies simply do not help fast enough.

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How it works

Using data from the National Weather Service and meteorologists across the US, we are able to accurately predict exactly where the tornado touched down.

Based on the wind speed and distance your home is from the tornado, we send you a payout right to your bank account. Once you confirm you have damages from the storm, you can use the money however you see fit with no restrictions, paperwork, or deductibles.

Overhead view of the tornado damage. Red zone is the most damaged area.

Sola helps keep you covered.

It’s time to feel like someone is there for you days after the tornado. Get covered with speed and simplicity.

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What is Supplemental Insurance and Why Should I Have it?

Supplemental insurance is an additional coverage that you can use to help with the out-of-pocket expenses that may not be covered by your major homeowners insurance plan. After tornadoes, many homeowners find themselves in a difficult position because often times, homeowners insurance can only go so far.

Whether you use the supplemental cash to help cover food for a few weeks or the gas needed to pick up some essentials, it is entirely up to you. Additionally, Sola can help you cover your main insurance deductible.

Yes, supplemental insurance is optional. However, with more claims from tornadoes being denied or underpaid, it may be a good idea to have an extra level of financial protection for unexpected expenses.

Quick Financial Help After Tornadoes

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